Some updates.

Fitness update – Yesterday, I weighed myself and I am at 145.6! I think I overdid it with dimsum and Cavu Caramel latte so I am at 146.6 this morning. I also suspect that my weekend weighing time throws it off. During weekdays, I weigh myself at 7am, but on weekends I do it much later than that. Anyway, this is still good news in my books and I can’t wait to do a body fat check in a few weeks to see if my body fat has gone down to <15%. A part of me is a bit hesitant that I’ll go down to really skinny level with not much muscle mass so I might start doing a slow clean bulk and fix my lifts.

Other things –

. Taxes – this is almost done. I almost filed mine last night but I realized that TaxAct was charging me $28 to file because I’m using the Premium version. Since I do not have any investments anymore, I should just be at the Plus version where I can file at $7.50. So, I am transferring my filing from Premium to Plus but I have to re-do it again. This happened after trying HR Block’s free version but since I have an HSA, I need to get bumped up to their Deluxe version. I don’t get why?! It’s a pretty straight forward and does not have any tax impact since all my withdrawals are medical related. Annoying. So, I’ll have to do that today.

. Volleyball – I have been playing again and my right knee is still sore. It’s not that bad with a compression sleeve but I am not stopping my PT exercises.

. Decision Making is terrible – I hate making decisions that I need to stick to. I want the flexibility to adjust or pivot if needed. But alas, buying a house requires a lot of commitment and hard decisions. My latest decision needed to be done is the bed. I already have a mattress for it but I just need a frame. Either I upgrade my bed and transfer my current one to the guest room, or I just get a cheapo one for the guest room. Decisions, decisions, decisions…


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