It’s early but nothing to do but update…

Another Chicago trip in the books for me. This is the most low key though for me since I just went here to wish Joel a safe trip and say goodbye to his old apartment. Yes, he’s moving out already so when I head back to Chicago to visit Joel, it will be to a different location. In this trip, my car got towed again! Grrrr. It’s annoying because I already followed the instructions when I was towed a few months back and here I am. Doing it all over again. I just hope I get a full refund this time around because it’s ridiculous. 

I forgot to post about my Cincinnati NAGVA experience last weekend. It was fun even if we didn’t really do well. Personally, I just wanted to check how my knee will hold up during a tournament and the good news is that I survived with flying colors. I also god awarded the Defense Diva for the B pool play. Hashtag validation. That means that I am back in the tournament circuit but the year that I’m off really taught me that I should better manage my priorities and even if I love volleyball, I like to travel for leisure. I am still on the fence for Chicago NAGVA because it falls on the 4th of July weekend. Do I really wanna play volleyball during that potential 4 day weekend or should I go to a beach somewhere. Decisions, decisions, decisions….

Other than that, nothing major really has been happening. I’m still in my intermittent fasting thing and I am around 144lbs. I need to fix my lean muscle mass so I might start bulking more and lowering carbs further. I’ve been off the “apps” and it feels rather mixed. A part of me feels liberated that I can just reallocate my time to other productive means but a part of me is also anxious that it’s really not helping me out in meeting people. It’s a trade off at the moment and it’s pretty healthy that I am focuisng more on me and my ginormous to do list. 

Also, here are some things I still wanna do or achieve:

  • Buy pillows, nightstand and table for my guest room.  It sounds simple but it’s a struggle for me
  • Buy office cabinet for other room. 
  • Figure out 4th of July weekend
  • Travel plans with Irene to NYC
  • Get in Columbus championships for NAGVA
  • increase Lean muscle mass and decrease body fat to 15%

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