NAGVA nationals

  • NAGVA Nationals happened last weekend in Columbus. I got picked up by Interracial Sets, a west coast team. We seeded 23 out of 35 in the end and I think we did not okay considering that we just played together for the first time and we kept on adjusting.
  • One of the teachable moments was when two of our players overslept and did not show up in our first game during Day 2 of Pool Play. We were obliterated during the game because from DS, I had to play opposite/setter which I can probably wing, but I was not ready for it and the team was strong (Pop Tarts). My team mates were apologetic and personally, I was not invested enough to be cranky.
  • I realized that I just want to be competitive — meaning I do not want a recreational team. But, I do not want to be part of an ultra-competitive team as well. There’s just so much stress that is tied to that. And, my normal team is moving to that direction with the aggressive recruitment and discussions. Too much pressure! No thanks!
  • It’s already Wednesday but I still feel like there’s a cloud in my head. It just means that I am not yet fully recovered. Next NAGVA is going to be Chicago for 4th of July. I’m excited for that as well since I have not played in that league ever.

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