I'm currently up in the air heading to Montreal via Toronto. It's my first time to Canada so I am pretty excited about this trip. I have not thoroughly planned my trip as well so I will take it one day at a time. I'll probably just have to figure out to get to my hostel there. Yup, first time to stay in a hostel too! Let's see how that goes.

This is officially my birthday trip. I'm 34 by tomorrow. Gosh, that sounds old. I had a nice dinner at Longhorn with Dave yesterday where we had some small discussion on getting older. I have mixed feelings about aging. A part of me feels inadequate. I was using my parents as my reference. When my parents were this age, they already had me and they had their own businesses. I look at that as a measure of achievement of sorts. On the flip side, I also feel blessed. I've done so much by this age that others have not experienced– even my parents. I know that comparing myself to life experiences and successes of other people is not a good basis, but subconsciously it just happens. I need to learn more that each and everyone of us define our definition of success in life and that should not be based on others.

I will probably put up more stuff during this long weekend. Hopefully, it's not all heavy stuff but light ones too! Let's start that… I just had Tim Horton for the first time! I like their coffee! Very smooth. It's also my first time in Toronto!


2 thoughts on “34

  1. Happy Birthday. 🎂
    Montréal is a great place. Very different from the rest of Canada. I particularly liked the neighborhood behind Oratoire St. Joseph (and if you are a devout, good Catholic I suggest going up on your knees). Have fun.

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