I’m writing once again. Yeah. Well, I got really busy with my school stuff. There’s really nothing to tell and my mind is a little bit wired already.

I’ll write something soon.


it’s just a tiring day! i started it with coffee which is weird for me actually. mainly because i’m not a coffee person but i drink coffee to make myself hyper and not so dull. i slept late last night because of reading. i had to read around 100 pages of history stuff. it’s boring but i survived that. i also downloaded the Cheeky Song and People.

anyway, today i also had my regcom interview. regcom is an organization in my uni that deals with the registration procedures of the people. it’s great training! well, that went well.

history was okay and my laboratory for physics was fine as well. my circuit is working! •cheers• then, i went to the mall and bought two shirts. i also saw this pair of glasses that i love. i’ll prolly buy that but it costs PhP 6,500 (US $130). It’s from Rudy’s Project… Tretosky Vista 47. Cool.

Gosh, I was looking at my schedule for the next weeks and I am flooded with work! I can’t believe it. So many work but so many time. The horror, the horror. I really need to improve my time management skills and probably cut down on my writing time for my stories. How sad. I didn’t want it to suffer but it’s a little bit inevitable in my case.


Hello! It’s been a long time since I updated… Anyway, I’m happy and ecstatic coz I just watched Y Tu Mama Tambien. It’s one of the most graphic but amazing film that I have watched for the year 2003. I’ll prolly write something about it soon but I have to tell everyone to watch it in video.

I was online almost the whole morning because I downloaded the program CakeWalk Pro 9. It’s pretty interesting but the problem is that I can’t figure it out! •groans• It’s so hard to understand but I’ll try my best to understand it. :-)

Nothing really much. I wrote a long entry last Jan 01 but livejournal was acting up and I lost all of it. I got lazy so I didn’t write it all again. :-) Anyway… it’s the new year. Cool.