I had my first appointment with my dermatologist. She’s Grace Chua. Yeah, she’s Chinese too. I think she can make my face not so hellish. I have this awful breakout because of school. ::sighs:: Oh well… she did say patience. :-)


I’m in school right now feeling sullen. It’s 11:05 and I have a class by 11:30. It’s history. What joy?! I like history (weirdly) but the teacher is annoying. So, I dunno if I can take that.

I’m in a better mood today compared to yesterday which was so hellish. I don’t wanna remember it again. Gah! Oh well, no more irritation. Just calmness. Tranquility. ::breaths deeply:: I can do this.

Still no Now or Never but I’ve seen lots of Nick Carter promotions in the record bars. So that’s always good. :-) Oh well, I’ll continue this again next time.

hi! i’m still having fun using my new XP system so fun fun fun. I’m still sad with Nick’s album. This week in Billboard, his album drops to #63 after a poor debut at #17 last week. ::sighs:: Oh well, sometimes good music doesn’t really sell. Justin’s album debuts at #2. Yeah, he didn’t beat Eminem.

early morning in school…

jeez, it’s so so early and i’m already in school. it’s kinda okay if your class is early but my class starts at 9:00am and it’s just friggin’ 7:50am. ::sighs:: i’m talking to SARI right now. she looks like a he and i really think that she needs to be ‘girlier’. now to more important stuff… i’m actually signing up for ACP. i’ll explain later what on earth is that coz it’s so hard to signup!