forgot to mention that i bought christina’s album. great one.

Best: Fighter, Beautiful
Worst: Infatuation

A new Christina Aguilera comes out of her latest album, Stripped. She offers a new side of her personality as she sheds off her bubble gum appeal — and her clothes as well. One might have heard the raunchy first single “Dirrty” with Redman. It’s a little bit in a rock side but once you get this album, one will notice that Dirrty stands out among the other tracks of this album. Stripped is not about dancing, and getting “dirrty” but this album is about reflecting and seeing Miss Aguilera’s emotions, mind and her songwriting capability for she co-wrotes almost all the tracks of this album.

For those fans of the “genie in the bottle,” this album is far from her first album. The diversity of this album is great and it needs an open mind for one to be able to appreciate this amazing album. The album Stripped is a personal album that is emotional and revolutionary. A big round of applause for Miss Christina Aguilera in her successful cross from being a pop blonde to a musical extraordinaire.

Album rating. 4.5


gosh, it’s been so long since i updated. but i’m gonna tell stuff now.

i have a new computer system. it’s a pentium 4 1.8mhz pc with 256mb memory and i have my very own cd writer! ::cheers:: i can make cd’s now.

i came out to my mom. it was an ugly sight. trust me. but the weird thing is that after that, everything seems to be back to normal except her unnatural good nature towards me. queer.

::sighs:: I’m a little sad because Nick’s album isn’t really doing that well. He has so much talent but I guess, he’s forgotten.

oh well……


i’m really about this day. well, there’s nothing too special about it but when i look back, it just makes me smile. i got out of the house — and that’s always good news. i was in school because they’re distributing our grades for the first semester and also our registration forms. i’m really happy with my grades this semester which is my all-time high,
Math22 – C+
SA21 – B+
PS21 – B
TH121 – B
CS110 – ::not yet given::

well, that’s great! :-) anyway, i also changed one of my classes (and the approved!). i was about to have my physics lab on wednesday but i changed it to fridays because the P.E.’s remaining were shitty. you won’t see me in judo or taekwondo (i can’t even picture myself!). so now, it’s volleyball (which I’m good at).

then my friends and i marched to the nearest mall (Robinson’s Place) where we ate a nice lunch. then, some of them watched a movie called 9 Mornings (that I know is awful) and some of us just strolled around. Gosh! I want to buy so much stuff but I’m just stopping myself because i’m saving up to buy a computer system next week. so save, save and save. :-)

well, i also asked if Nick Carter’s album or Christina Aguilera’s album are available now but they said ‘no.’ ::sighs:: how sad. i can’t believe it. it’s supposed to be out today (yesterday supposedly) but still, there’s nothing. how sad. well, i did call Universal Records (local distributor of NC’s album) and they said 2nd week of November. ::groans:: Oh well……

i forgot to add that Duckie just made me the ‘pic-boy’

i have to send pics to the crazy group everyday. he’s demanding. :-|

it’s a little sad that Aaron Carter postponed his concert here in the Philippines. That means no Aaron Carter. ::sniff:: Life goes on.

Oh well, I went to Robinson’s Place Manila earlier to burn some time coz my parents are painting my room. I don’t care about it — I ain’t picky. :-) Anyway, I strolled around the mall and went to Dymocks. Gosh, I saw Styron’s Sophie’s Choice and I also saw Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I need to save up to buy those books. But that’s gonna come after I bought Nick’s and Justin’s albums. And also my computer.

My first entry in this new LJ

I created a new LJ with a new name. It’s now called “windang.” I got sick and tired with yr_ry and now think that it’s kinda corny so I made a new one. Windang is a Filipino word that denotes destruction. I dunno why but I love the word. :-)

Okay, I woke with a smile plastered on my face. I think it’s the best dream I ever had in my whole life.