I’m sitting here in front of my computer (big duh there) waiting til I finish downloading JC’s video. Yeah, I found a link and I’m donwloading it right now. Earlier, I downloaded Nick’s latest video, I Got You. Man, he’s one hot fry out there in the beach… wet. Goosebumps.

Anyway, Christmas! Yooooohoooooooo. That’s all.

I didn’t really do anything today. Just read some nifty stories (finished The Gentlemen’s Club) and… um, that’s pretty much it. Gosh, boredom has settled. LoL! Anyway, I’ll try to keep myself busy within the next few days coz I need to be busy! I mean, our teachers plagued us with school work over the break and I think I need to do something productive. But knowing myself, I’ll just procrastinate and procrastinate until I didn’t do shit this break. Cheers for Ryan’s procrastinations.

What else? ::thinks hard:: Oh yeah, I’ve been writing lots for my stories but they’re not long enough. It’s just 12K at the moment and I usually release when I reach 18+ K or when I’m lazy, 16K. I am also doing web stuff once again. I need to relearn everything. I think I lost my touch. And I know nothing about Flash, Dreamweaver and even friggin’ CSS. Gah. Sooooooooo outdated. Blame it to MTV. And Nifty.


I finally saw the video for Cry Me A River and I was totally blown away. That was so “in your face” to Britney! The girl was just so much like Britney. I was laughing and sayin, “Oh My God” while I was seeing it. And I like the grim and evil side of Justin. ::grins::

I watched two films today. The Japanese version of The Ring and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I like them both.

I’m still in school and it’s 6:00pm exactly. I am still here coz I was supposed to attend an organization (COSA) meeting but I chickened out or just got too lazy to go. So now, I’m wasting my time here. I just IM’ed Orq! “Hi there!”

I haven’t updated this one for such a long time now. I wonder why? LoL! I just got too lazy. No good excuse there. :D Anyway, lots of things have been happening in my life. I ain’t too “innocent and pure” anymore. But I don’t feel really good about it. Like I told my pal Danny, I found myself too impulsive to ever do that. I know it’s kinda naive to think that but I am still being idealistic and romantic thinking that I will have the best experience in my life. But it sucked (no pun intended). Wanted to forget it but what’s done is done… Life goes on.


Hmmm… what else??? Oh yeah, our Physics teacher gave us our scores from our first long test. I failed. ::groans:: I got a 32/80. But here’s the not-so-bad news. He added wrong. I was supposed to be 40 but I guessed that he added wrong once again and he counted 42 and I ain’t gonna refute that. I’m gonna accept the extra 2 points. But I still failed. The passing score was 48.

It’s just a grade.

Hmmm… what else. Oh yeah, I’m making my story archive site once again. Watch for that. It will house my stories. :-) Goodie and I might make a personal website as well. Ego trip!!!!!!!!! LoL!

Gosh, it’s so cold here in the computer lab of the school. Brrr.

::sighs:: well, this day did go well nicely. After my little blunder in History, everything seems to be okay. And as an added bonus, it’s the day where all I see are cute guys. ::giggles:: Yeah, I’ve been seeing cute guys walking until I got home. I dunno why but I do get these kind of days which is way way cool!!!


Well, interestingly I eavesdrop in a conversation while I was fixing my stuff in my locker. I think there were 4-5 girls talking about… their brothers’ dicks. Jeez, I was blushing there and trying to stifle a giggle. It was so WTF moment coz they were all giggling about the penises of their brothers. ::sighs:: Girls… can’t live without them.

I might do my Physics, Filipino and History assignments but I dunno still… hehehe…

It’s a Monday once again. What joy?! ::said sarcastically:: Okay, what has been going on in my little pitiful life???

I was in a little bad mood in our History class. Our stupid teacher returned our papers about absolutism and he gave my f*ckin’ 4/10! The nerve!!!! Well, most of my classmates got my grade as well. ::sighs:: I just can’t believe that it’s happening to me. Grrr… I. Hate. My. Teacher. Can he rot in hell forever??? ::hopes::

It’s too early to say what will happen in this day but it’s been pretty mixed. A little with the good and a little with the evil (thanks to History). Gonna update once again… :-)

I so love Blow Your Mind off Nick Carter’s Now or Never. ::giggles::