it’s a little sad that Aaron Carter postponed his concert here in the Philippines. That means no Aaron Carter. ::sniff:: Life goes on.

Oh well, I went to Robinson’s Place Manila earlier to burn some time coz my parents are painting my room. I don’t care about it — I ain’t picky. :-) Anyway, I strolled around the mall and went to Dymocks. Gosh, I saw Styron’s Sophie’s Choice and I also saw Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I need to save up to buy those books. But that’s gonna come after I bought Nick’s and Justin’s albums. And also my computer.

My first entry in this new LJ

I created a new LJ with a new name. It’s now called “windang.” I got sick and tired with yr_ry and now think that it’s kinda corny so I made a new one. Windang is a Filipino word that denotes destruction. I dunno why but I love the word. :-)

Okay, I woke with a smile plastered on my face. I think it’s the best dream I ever had in my whole life.