AI Top 3

I would have preferred Allison than Danny Gokey especially with the Dream On blunder last week. Having said that, I still think though that this Kris, Adam, and Gokey are still great contenders and the playing field is wide open for tomorrow’s results show.

Top 3 Performances:

  • Danny Gokey – Dance Little Sister and You are so Beautiful
  • Kris Allen – Apologize and Heartless (vote! vote! vote!)
  • Adam Lambert – One and Cryin’

Performances ranked:
Judges’ Choice: Kris > Adam >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gokey
Idol’s Choice: Kris >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Adam > Gokey

Kris’ performance of Kanye’s Heartless was. bloody. amazing. It gave me goosebumps during and after his performance. I hope America gets it right and Kris sails through.

Like I mentioned, it’s anybody’s ballgame. These Idols have big fanbases and they will surely vote. It’s just a matter of convincing the undecided to vote for them. I think Kris got ’em. :-)


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